Friday, April 27, 2012

Choosing the Subject for your still life artwork

    You can use the standard subject for Still Life drawing, inanimate objects like fruits in a bowl, flowers on vases, food on table, books, drinking glasses etc. It was ancient times.

     Why don't we try using pieces of technology for the subject?, Cellphones, tablets, Computers or laptops, etc. Since we are now living in a modern world.

Sketch of a cellphone
     Or try to put Orange and a cigarette together on a table and start drawing it. It's not a good combination but it's cool. Orange symbolizes health and the Cigarette is a deadly symbol for cancer or other lung diseases.
Orange and Cigarette-Original Work

      Experiment with other things that looks weird when you put them together, draw it with passion, and it must have symbolism, a deeper explanation, and there must be a meaning for each object.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Still life Art: An introduction

     Still Life masterpieces has been created by famous artists since Middle Age and Ancient Greek/Roman. Still lifes are mostly about inanimate objects like fruits and vegetables, flowers on a vase and plants, books, and kitchen wares and so on.

      Even Egyptians in ancient times adorned their tombs by Still Life paintings of because they believed that when they die, the painting will become real in the afterlife. And ancient Greeks and Romans painted their vases that depicts animals and objects.

      Flowers and Food symbolizes the Five senses and seasons during the 16th century in Rome. Skull symbolizes mortality and earthly remains for the Ancient Romans.

Bread and Fruit Dish on a table by Pablo Picasso
     One of the most famous Still life is the "Bread and Fruit Dish on a table" by Pablo Picasso during 1909 which has the subject of food. Pablo Picasso Probably painted this because of the combination of fruit and bread on a table, which is uncommon during that time.

      Modern Still Life arts today breaks the two dimensional barrier and uses modern mediums like computer applications and camera for still image photography.

Why I am passionate about Still Life drawing?

Leonardo da Vinci- Original Work
     I began to love Still Life drawing when I tried to draw our front yard garden from our house, looking only through the front door. After I finished the sketch, I realized that I love to do it again, aside from the fact that I inherited the skill from my father.

      Another thing that made me passionate about Still life drawing is when I saw the works of the famous Leonardo da Vinci. His way of sketching and painting,  it's different from other artists I have known.

    Whenever I hold a pencil in my hand, I'm looking for a paper to draw anything that catches my eye. Still Life drawing describes my feelings and thoughts, It sets up my mood, It has a unique meaning for every piece.