Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Black, Gray and White

Cellular phone and a box of crayon- Original Work

       Black is absolutely do not have any color, It is a color of nothing, like a black night. White is a combination of all the colors. Gray is  a combination of Black and white.

     I tried to use the three colors in a still life artwork, The Black color became the dark shadows of the subjects. Used the Gray on the light area, White on the lightest area.
    The phone is actually mine and the box of crayons was my cousins. I used crayons in this another still life art.

    Can anyone share their experience in combining at least three colors in one artwork?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Using Oil Pastel

Guava-original Artwork

           A bunch of guava fruit from our grandaunt's backyard when I and my cousins visited her. I picked it up from the tree, lay it down still on a table and started to sketch it first with a pencil, to make the outline. Then I started to trace it first with black color for the dark areas and edges, color yellow to make it ripe as it is, and the color green for the leaves and to cover a little ripeness. We ate the guavas after I used it as a subject for still life. 

           I tried to experiment with oil pastel for the still life and the result was good. I never mind the shadows because I was just trying the Oil pastel.