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Sunday, August 7, 2016


 Hi Guys, I Just compiled my 3 first poems that I posted below. Hope you like it.

Ice and Flame
Ice and Flame

Bee and Flower
Bee and Flower
owl and a dove
Dove and the Owl
Notice how I used 2 characters in the poems. That is because they represents something. Something more...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pre-Halloween Drawing

      Hello out there, I created this piece of art using charcoal as a medium.An artist's Charcoal is made of finely organic material that are held together by a gum or a wax binder.
     Since Halloween will be celebrated on the last night of October, I draw a Reaper to be part of the celebration, my inspiration for this drawing is when I always went home late from hang-out with my friends, with full moon in the sky, and I think a reaper would be a great costume for Halloween parties.

    I hope you like it, Sorry, I'm a beginner on Charcoal drawing... 

      Other says it symbolizes death, but we don't have to fear death because we're all going to die someday, I do not want to be a spoiler but its up to themselves on how they will die..

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fruit And Colors

         One of my Favorite subjects to Paint is Fruit. After a couple of times figuring out what will be my next post after almost three years, I decided to take risks on painting still lifes combining several subjects using water color and oil pastels.

           This is my second time using an Oil Pastel as a medium and I can say that its a bit difficult to use, because of its solid and being blot when I tried to draw something on a paper using it. Notice how my oil pastel painting in my last post having a smudgy effect.

                My subject for the oil pastel are tropical fruits composed of passion fruits, a guava, pineapples and bananas. I was going to eat the fruits when I realize, why not make a still life combining the fruits, because I just remembered I had a post  still lifes of fruit only they’re a single subject.

       Watercolor is a water- soluble pigment and a medium probably first used by cavemans in paleolithic periods and it also contributes to the renaissance. It is also used in background paintings in cartoons,

         I had a hard time painting using watercolor because it requires still and smooth hand when using the paint brush, and also you have to learn the techniques on creating an effect; dipping your paintbrush into the water after you have picked a color will create a light effect. And also you have to wait to dry the paint before you put another layer.

             I hope you like my works, I am working on my watercolor paintings to be posted on my next blogposts, Thanks.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Classic Still Life Sketches

     I am at our apartment, spending the last week of our On-The-Job-Training when I had the idea of sketching these things, the key is actually the key to our apartment. Then I put my phone just beside the mini thermos to make it a classic still life art with a touch of Technology.

      Among the still lifes I've created, this one is my favorite, because it symbolizes health. it reminds me of the sayings "an apple a day , keeps the doctor away". Water means purity, drinking water 8 hours a day will keep your body system function well.
     I had fun sketching it until 12 am in the morning. I used gentle strokes using the finger to create the liquid part of the water and the shadows.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Black, Gray and White

Cellular phone and a box of crayon- Original Work

       Black is absolutely do not have any color, It is a color of nothing, like a black night. White is a combination of all the colors. Gray is  a combination of Black and white.

     I tried to use the three colors in a still life artwork, The Black color became the dark shadows of the subjects. Used the Gray on the light area, White on the lightest area.
    The phone is actually mine and the box of crayons was my cousins. I used crayons in this another still life art.

    Can anyone share their experience in combining at least three colors in one artwork?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Using Oil Pastel

Guava-original Artwork

           A bunch of guava fruit from our grandaunt's backyard when I and my cousins visited her. I picked it up from the tree, lay it down still on a table and started to sketch it first with a pencil, to make the outline. Then I started to trace it first with black color for the dark areas and edges, color yellow to make it ripe as it is, and the color green for the leaves and to cover a little ripeness. We ate the guavas after I used it as a subject for still life. 

           I tried to experiment with oil pastel for the still life and the result was good. I never mind the shadows because I was just trying the Oil pastel.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Skulls for Still Life

    Creepy it is, but skull is one of the subject for still life. It is called "vanitas" meaning "emptiness", and explains the meaningless lives of people spent on earth.     

      The work of the famous French-Baroque painter Philippe de Champaigne is one of many still lifes that has a skull. He emphasizes it by putting it between  two other things , a lily and hourglass.
  Still Life With a Skull, Vanitas Painting by Philippe de Champaigne
          The painting reminds us that all things have its ends, the lily simply symbolizes  resurrection or after life. The hourglass depicts the time we spent with our lives or the journey to our death, good or bad.     The three subjects are related to one another when you put them together, it's just the painting is telling us that we have to make our lives useful because time is limited, we can no longer experience how to be contented and happy.

      De Champaigne used oil on panel as a medium for the painting.

Pyramid of Skulls by Paul Cézanne (1901)
     There also have been a painting of skulls and no other things combined to it, like the work of another French painter, Paul Cézanne, he only used skulls as  subject and add some drama on it like he stacked the four skulls and make it look more gloomy, reminding again our death.

Cézanne used oil on canvas for the artwork.